Sunday, June 8, 2008

Gracious Giving

This morning at church I talked about outreach opportunities this summer.

I mentioned how inspired I was by my brother's efforts in the Philippines. This camp season he exceeded his goal of sharing the gospel to 50,000 young people. Thousands responded to accept Christ and many of them baptized. I have asked Troy to go to our young people and see how many of them have a friend who is unchurched and does not appear to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. My question was, if we could give these young people a week at camp would they come. So far we have 13 on the list. My appeal was simple, we need camp fee of $175 for 13 kids. We could see lives changed now and for eternity. After the service four people approached me and said they would help. One handed me a folded check and simply said, "This should help get things started." I thanked him for the check but did not look at it. I thought maybe there would be money for one camper. I was shocked when I finally looked to see the amount of $2000. God moved and in one service He touched hearts to provide for 14 campers. God is up to something and I can't wait to see it.