Thursday, April 10, 2008

Can you believe...I beat the HULK!

Well there is this competition in JV under the able leadership of Corey O'Grady. The goal, as usual, is to find ways to capture the attention of our jv kids and so the superheros competition. I was surprised to be included in this prestigious group much less to actually win a round. I was expecting that the inclusion would be the reward in itself.

Somehow, I beat out the Hulk in the first round. The competition continues next week. I figured that since the competition is pretty tough; batman, superman, power rangers, TMNT, spider man (I am intentionally omitting the Powderpuff Girls because I never thought they were valid superheros) this is my one chance to celebrate a win. Anyway, SPECIAL THANKS TO ANY JV STUDENTS WHO ARE READING AND VOTED FOR ME. I will be watching to see how this all shakes out.