Friday, March 6, 2009

One Vision.Two Services.One High Street

I am glad to announce the latest breaking news regarding our plan to expand our Worship Services.

After some very good and gracious feedback regarding our plan we have made some changes.

Some were glad for the additional time options for their families.

Others were concerned about being able to stay in their Sunday School classes. I was so blessed to receive emails and letters where people expressed how much how much they loved their Sunday School class. They talked about how blessed they were by their teachers and the people in the class. They talked about how much these relationships meant to them. It became very clear that with the new options to choose between the "Blended Classsic" and the "Blended Contemporary" people were disappointed when the option of their choice meant they could no longer be a part of their current Sunday School class. In response to this feedback we are glad to announce the following revised schedule that will begin the Sunday after Easter, April 19.

8:30 - Worship Service: Blended Classic
9:45 - Sunday School
11:00 - Worship Service: Blended Contemporary

The vision is to provide meaningful worship opportunities for everyone. Our goal is to have two well done, energetic services. There are many details yet to work out. I am looking forward to these changes.


Lynn S. said...

I love the new paln and even more the new and improved plan. I may look out of place, but I will so enjoy the blended contemporary service. Thanks for being sensitive to God's leading.

Hillenblog said...

Right on...I'm all about it...Way to go Pastor!!!

Dannah said...

Pastor Eddie,

I think this is a great plan. Glad to hear that HS is going to this. I think it will be a blessing and will reach all generations. The church I attended has a similar schedule but with SS in both hrs. I get to be involved in both services with Worship Team in the Contemporary and Choir in the Classic. You all will be in my prayers as you make this transition. I know any change, even good change, is never easy.

LauraD said...

We're ready! Let's do it!

ToyHelen said...

This is so exciting...I am so looking forward to this!! I can't wait!!!

Anonymous said...

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