Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve

I love our Christmas Eve service at church. There is something very nice about starting the Christmas Day with extended Church Family. There is a real sense of community as people come together for a moment of worship with each other. Meeting with people who you love is what makes Christmas special.

After the service we spent a few minutes for some Christmas pictures. Somehow Christmas marks the passage of time for a family. The kids are growing up and every year that change a little bit. There is real love and peace around the table as we laugh and tell stories. I am so grateful for God's Word. It gives us instructions on how to keep the peace at home. It makes loving each other a joy. Peace on earth is great, but peace at home is especially sweet.


Jennie Aspacio said...

Pastor Eddie, I am thoroughly enjoying your blogs. :-) I just finished reading all your posts in your other blog. Jeff and I watched the videos. James is such a darling!

We miss you all so much! I am going to email Sis. Cindy back real soon.

Merry Christmas po!

Eddie Lyons said...

Jennie and Jeff,

It is good to hear from you. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas. Please tell you extended family hello from us. We miss you all.

Pastor Eddie